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Ohio’s Strict Time Limits to Sue Manufacturers for Defective Products


Ohio has a very harsh  tort law that the legislature passed about 12 years ago. Basically, it states  that if a product goes bad or is defective after 10 years, even if the product or its components  are designed to  last longer than a decade, the manufacturer cannot be sued when someone is seriously hurt or killed because of it. (R.C. 2315.10 (C)). There are only a few rare exceptions but this is law’s essence.

This tort “deform” law has come to the forefront of everyone’s attention since we have been representing  the Estate of Tyler Jarrell, for his  wrongful death. His death and our representation of the family has had national and international attention in an almost unprecedented way.  Tyler, a wonderful 18 year old man who was finishing high school and who volunteered with the Columbus Police and who had signed up to be a United States Marine next year, was tragically thrown 60 feet  to his death.   Tyler or “Slim” – this is what  his Mother Amber called him- was  out with his girlfriend having  fun and they decided to ride the Fireball at the Ohio State fair. While on it, the ride went  into catastrophic failure. Several others were profoundly injured too. KMG from  of the Netherlands designed and built  this popular ride more than  10 years ago. It appears that there was  long term, serious corrosion which caused part of it  to fall apart. Even so, the owners, Amusements of America, KMG,  and others  allowed it be fully operational.

There are numerous  examples of why this Ohio law, called the Statute of Repose, is terrible and the legislature should change it. We encourage you to  watch the two videos here to better understand the examples.  In the end, we seek  Justice for Tyler and the Estate wants to  make consumer laws safer and more uniform so that all riders of any amusement rides are safe. We hope to call it “Tyler’s Law.”


Click here to watch the Statute of Repose Legal Terms video.

Click here to watch the Statute of Repose Ohio State Fair video.

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